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Inside of your tooth lies the tooth pulp. When the tooth pulp is damaged, whether from tooth decay or dental trauma, the tooth may be salvageable with the help of a root canal treatment. When a damaged root pulp is removed by a root canal, the tooth can be saved and restored. So, what might necessitate a root canal treatment? Let’s take a look!

— If a tooth has undergone multiple restorative treatments, it may cause the tooth to wear down, resulting in a damaged tooth pulp. This is particularly the case when too much tooth enamel is removed.

— Multiple treatments on one tooth may also result in disease or infection of the tooth pulp, and removal will be the best option to save the tooth.

— If you have oral trauma, such as a severe blow which causes damage to a tooth, a root canal may rescue the tooth.

— Most often a root canal is used to save a tooth in case of oral accidents which damage the tooth pulp. 

If you have damage to a tooth pulp, there is hope. With the help of a root canal, your tooth can be restored to form and function. If you have a tooth you would like to have Donald Brown III examine at our dental office in Mobile, Alabama, please give us a call at 251-666-3982. Our team at Knollwood Dental Group looks forward to helping you have a healthy, confident smile!