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Does your smile need a boost? Do you wish you could have a beautiful, flawless smile? If so, the good news is you can! Dental veneers offer a way for people with flaws in their smile to have a beautiful smile through the use of dental veneers.

Our Dentist, Dr. Donald Brown III, is proud to offer dental veneers as a way to help you and your smile’s needs. Furthermore, our team at Knollwood Dental Group in Mobile, Alabama, is happy to help you understand more about dental veneers, so you know how this treatment can benefit you.

Dental veneers are incredibly thin shells that are designed to match your teeth providing the perfect fit. These shells look natural and are fused to the front of the teeth in your smile providing your teeth a stunning appearance. Dental veneers can help with many flaws your teeth might have.

Some flaws dental veneers can help correct include:

– Chipped teeth
– Slightly gapped teeth
– Slightly misaligned teeth
– Severely stained or discolored teeth
– Cracked teeth

When taken care of suitably, dental veneers can last up to a decade giving you surprising and beautiful results. This procedure has been very successful providing long-lasting results for several years to come.

If you are ready for dental veneers, then please call us today at 251-666-3982 to make an appointment. Our team is happy to give you an evaluation to see if this choice is best for your smile and the goals you may have about the appearance of your smile.