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Are you familiar with the causes and effects of a toothache? A toothache is an abscessed tooth related to an infection within a tooth. If a toothache is left untreated, it can eventually lead to pulp death and tooth loss. To prevent yourself from having to visit your dentist for a tooth prosthetic, make sure that all symptoms of toothaches are recognized, and the appropriate care can be given immediately.

Are you suffering from a toothache? Do you have any pain or extreme sensitivity in your mouth that you continue to feel even after the use of over-the-counter medications? In order to determine if you do suffer from a toothache, it’s important to always look for common symptoms. The first being pain that is felt even after using medications. Furthermore, if you notice anything irregular in the look of your mouth or issues around a tooth, it could be a key sign that you are suffering from infections within the tooth. If you notice any discharge in the area or your gums are swelling or even if your entire face is swelling, it could be a sign of a toothache

Other common symptoms of a toothache include the presence of high fevers and chills that are not easily treated with medication. Similarly, if you are suffering from facial rashes that have no other reasonable explanation, it could be linked to infection with a tooth. Typically, toothaches often arise due to various incidents that may have occurred. Oral accidents, TMJ disorders and the eruption of wisdom teeth in your mouth can all lead to potential toothaches.

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