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Are you aware of the risk factors associated with diabetes and what you can do to help keep your smile safe? If you are suffering from diabetes, you are not alone. This is because nearly 30 million Americans suffer from the condition. Because of the prevalence of diabetes, dentists are well-trained to ensure you get the proper treatment while ensuring oral health risks do not further contribute to diabetes risks.

If you have a low amount of saliva in your mouth, it could be the result of diabetes. This is because diabetes has been known to lead to dry mouth symptoms. Dry mouth is a condition with your mouth that lowers saliva, which can make you more at risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Because of the risks associated with diabetes, you will need to make sure to add further protection for your smile to help keep it safe.

Your oral health can also affect diabetes. If you are suffering from an oral health condition such as gum disease, it can lead to a rise in blood sugar, which can make complications arise with your diabetes. If you are suffering from diabetes and require oral health care, visit our dentist in Mobile, Alabama.

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