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When cavities go untreated the tooth decay affecting the enamel layer will inevitably start to progress. In time it could worsen to affect the once healthy core of the tooth. In time the infected root and compromised dental structure could result in the loss of multiple teeth.  

In a situation like this, you should consider scheduling an appointment at Knollwood Dental Group to determine the most effective method for replacing the teeth and restoring your basic oral function.

One possible option might be to have Dr. Donald Brown III start the process of fitting you for a removable partial denture. This dental appliance mimics the appearance and function of your missing teeth. It is founded by a pink medium that matches the appearance of your gums.

If any other teeth surrounding the void have been compromised Dr. Donald Brown III might recommend having them extracted and replicated in the partial denture.

A detailed impression will then be created of the area, which will be sent to a professional dental lab. This information will serve as a guide for the dental technicians who will create the partial denture.

If you live in the Mobile, Alabama, area and you have suffered the loss of multiple teeth, you should call 251-666-3982 to schedule a restoration consultation at Knollwood Dental Group.