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Habits of loud teeth grinding during sleep are caused by a disorder known as bruxism. There are many causes of bruxism, but few patients seek a diagnosis or treatment simply because they are unaware of the problem, which occurs during sleep. You can often experience symptoms of bruxism when you first wake up, and it’s important to recognize these for what they are.

If you have noticed damage in your teeth or dental restorations, this could be a sign of teeth grinding, which can also dull and flatten your teeth. Some patients also bite their cheeks and tongue, resulting in damaged tissues. The pressure of teeth grinding may cause you to suffer frequent morning headaches.

Bruxism has also been associated with TMJ disorder, an issue in the jaw joints that can result in morning discomfort such as a sore jaw and tooth sensitivity, as well as a stiff or locking jaw that makes opening and closing your mouth a struggle.

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