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A water flosser is a common cleaning device used for oral health care habits to clean away food and harmful debris that may be wedged between teeth. With a water flosser, a steady beam of water is used to clean your mouth, rather than a string of dental floss. As with all oral health routines regardless of which type of flosser you choose, make sure to use it each and every day.

– Water flossers take away the need for dental thread.
– Many water flossers feature the ADA Seal of Acceptance for safety and effectiveness.
– If you are getting older, or your muscles or mind will not allow you to easily floss your teeth with ease anymore, water flossers are proven to be more helpful and beneficial.
– Water flossers are unique tools when they are needed to clean previous dental services you may have, including orthodontic aligners, dental bridges, dentures, and dental crowns.
– Water flossers do not need to be used multiples times a day, and instead can be used once daily.

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