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Are you familiar with which foods are healthy to eat and which foods are not? Although several risk factors are involved as to dental damage and other forms of harm that can come to your smile due to the foods you eat, it’s also important to think about how foods negatively affect the rest of your body as well. When setting forth an effective dietary treatment plan, it’s important to think about how the foods and drinks you consume affect your body and your smile.

Several substances can help promote optimum oral hygiene if eaten correctly. Because saliva is so important for your oral health care, eating crunchy foods that are high in water can help stimulate the production of saliva to wash away debris and neutralize acids in your mouth. Furthermore, products such as chicken, cheese and milk have been shown to be high in calcium and phosphorus, which can help strengthen tooth enamel.

Beyond eating healthy, you will want to avoid various products that can do damage to your teeth. Because plaque buildup and debris in your mouth can convert various substances into harmful acids, you need to exercise caution with potentially dangerous products. Sugars and carbs can do damage to your tooth enamel, so it is important to limit products that are high in either one of these ingredients.

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